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VARVARESOS freshNES begins its journey in 2021, with its roots starting 4 decades ago. The first generation of the family goes by the name Dimitrios Varvaresos. Arriving in 2021, the second generation of the family, Varvaresos Spyros, Nikitas, Vangelis, having 20 years of experience next to their father, and always under his valuable guidance, start their family company and aim high to overcome, their already successful, course. At VARVARESOS freshNES we work with producers and suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables from all over the world. Based on our huge network of partners, we manage to supply our customers and end consumers with a huge variety of fresh and quality products. Our competitive advantage, based on the principles of trade, is the ability to import any fruit or vegetable, from anywhere in the world, in excellent quality, in a very short time, and always at the best possible prices.





You can get in touch with us either directly via the following methods ,

Dimitris Varvaresos

Chief Executive Officer

Spiros Varvaresos

Business Leader

Nikitas Varvaresos

Business Leader

Vaggelis Varvaresos

Business Development Manager

Or by filling the email form below

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